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Herbs and Medicines

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Herbs and Medicines

Post by RTKS Staff on Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:44 pm

Medicines and Herbs
This guide will explain what plants are available for someone, especially healers, can use for when they need them. It will also explain when they are used and in some case how they are used. If some do not show how to use it, it is considered that the plant itself would be used instead of having it's physical properties altered.

Plant: Aloe 
Used For: Wounds, Hair loss, Laxative
How to use it: Unknown

Plant: Angelica (Wild Celery)
Used For: Cough remedy
How to use it: Made into a necklace and worn by the barer.

Plant: Anise
Used For: Breath refresher, Cures hiccups, headache, asthma, insomnia, lice
How to Use it: Unknown

Plant: Apple
Used For: Arthritis, Toothaches, sores, cramps
How to use it: Made into a tonic, must be drunk

Plant: Balm (Melissa)
Used For: Nervousness, Anxiety, Illness, Wounds, stops bleeding
How to use it: Unknown

Plant: Blackberry
Used For: Bleeding Gums, Soothes Burns and Scalds.
How to use it: Bark and leaves may be chewed. Leaves are applied to burns or scalds.

Plant: Caraway
Used For: Gas and Indigestion
How it is used: Made into a syrup then it is drunk. Seeds may be chewed if desired.

Plant: Chamomile
Used For: Headaches 
How to use it: Unknown

Plant: Cinnamon
Used For: Cold, Flu
How to use it: Unknown

Plant: Comfrey
Used For: Treating Broken Bones
How to use it: Root is placed in water and made into a paste. Dip a cloth in and wrap the limb for increased healing.
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