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The Legend

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The Legend  Empty The Legend

Post by RTKS Staff on Fri May 08, 2015 8:17 pm

The Legend
There are many versions of the Legendary King Arthur and his Knights. "Merlin" portrayed a King Arthur who fought his son Mordred and brought peace to the lands of Earth. He built a city known as Camelot and sought to make peace, triumphant, he was. Then there was "King Arthur" which told the story of King Arthur based on the true legendary hero who defended Britain from the merciless clutches of the Saxons. Arthur was portrayed as both a hero and a "Savior" of his people, bring about peace throughout his wake. The one story no one thought about, or even told, was how Arthur was added by not just people, but fellow animals as well. Just as Humans have their Legends, so did the wolves of ___.

In the Beginning...
We won't start from his birth. Instead, we shall take you to the moment Arthur pulled the Sword, Excallibur, from the stone. People rejoiced that King Arthur had been destined to heal the lands out of poverty and into prosperity. Camelot was built and Merlin, Arthur's friend and guide, foresaw peace to roam the valley for years to come.

To Ensure Arthur would be forever King, Merlin went to the Ancient Forest and discovered a wolf pack. Just as the Humans had their settlement, the wolves did too. Queen Acane and Aramon were pleased to learn Arthur had been named King. They were bewildered why Merlin had come to them.

"Watch over him, dear wolves." Merlin said."I fear darkness will cloud his rule."

Arcane and Aramon nodded, honored by their given duty. No questions needed to be asked. Merlin's command said all that was needed to be said. However, watching over Arthur was not all they were granted, for Merlin continued:

"Live among us, in the kingdom of Camelot."

Arcane and Aramon didn't know what to say. Wolves living with humans in a castle? What did that mean?, Aramon had to ask. Merlin Explained.

"You are wolves with a better intelligence than your ancestors. Servants with dress you, serve you food, bathe you. You will sit with us at tables filled with hunted food, sleep on beds for rest, wear a piece of clothing if you choose. Your as much human as humans are animals."

Arcane and Aramon were silent for a long time before nodding. They would accept their task no matter the changes to how their pack lived. They would live in a castle, eat at a table, and sleep in beds. The twisted act of persuasion that the Wizard possessed had indeed inflicted security for Arthurs rule on the throne. At least, for the time being.
Birth of Morded

Months passed for the wolves and people of Camelot. Merlins nightmare had come true all too soon for his liking the night Arthur slept with a woman he had no idea would create his very demise. A sin for temptation and Arthur realized he had made a rave mistake. Mordred would be born years later and nothing would prepare the young king for what would come to pass.

Twenty-four years after the troubled event between Arthur and his "lover", Morgan, Mordred paid an unexpected visit to Camelot. With him, a lone wolf once a part of Arcane and Aramons pack known as Cronos stepped to Mordreds side, betraying his pack and those who cared for him.

"Hello, father!" Mordred exclaimed with mocking anticipation his father would be happy to see him."I've come to claim my throne as Camelots' rightful heir."

Merlin and the wolves watched the exchange to see how Arthur would react to the situation. No one could interfere with the Prophecy or a wicked turn of even could play out, bringing the world into turnmoil. Arthur made his greeting straightforward, indicating the young prince wanot welcome in Camelot.

"You have no business here! Leave Camelot at once."

An extent of aggressive words were exchanged between father and son. Both parties of the two royals watched quietly while they came to a conclusion Merlin had foreseen. Arthur announced Mordred no longer had ties to the Pendragon bloodline. Furious, Mordred vowed he would return when his armies were strong and he would dethrone King Arthur, no matter the cost. Arthur stood his ground, but Merlin, wtching from the shadows, worried for the boy.

Battle of Camelot and a New Beginning

Years pas. So much time had slipped by hat everyone had forgotten Mordreds vow.
Grief and sorrow from betrayal of those once loved, was forgotten as new lives started out n the world. Arthur married the good queen Qwenavire and the wolves were blessed with a litter of pups. Merlin saw how peace things had calmed, but he knew too well what was to come. Yet, Mordred had devised a plan so cunning that even the Great Wizard never saw the battle as it thundered over Camelot on a dark day, a blood day.

The people were caught by surprise. Mordred had found a secret entrance beneath the castle walls built by ancestors before them who used the land for their own advantages. Merlin summoned the wolves and knights of Camelot to fight and defend the king, but Mordred won his victory in a way that cuts a soul too deeply to heal properly.

Cornered by Mordred, Arthur could see his end. It was the heroics of Arcane and Aramon who saved and secured the Kings life, turning the tide of the losing war against Mordred who fled back to his isolated island. Camelot won their battle but at a terrible price.

Grieved the Leaders of the Wolf pack and his Queen had lost their lives, Arthur granted the wolves Knighthood and a place among he and his men at the round table. New leaders would rise and the protection of Camelot would improve. The Battle of Camelot was a lesson well learned. Mordred would try again in the future, and it was up to Merlin, the wolves, and the people of Camelot to defend their home and King.
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The Legend  Empty Re: The Legend

Post by Zamber on Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:37 pm

Merlins Order

As it turns out, the line of Arcane and Aramon had been lost. No one, not even Merlin knew what happened to the litter that was never recovered or found dead. No one knew what to do about a pack with no leaders. Someone needed to step up, but who?

Debates went on for months. New leaders were needed for the wolves of Camelot to maintain their heirarchy. Arthur consulted Merlin to see what he could do for them.

"If not a blood-born heir, then I will search and send for one who is truly worthy of a Royals title." Merlin said wisely.

"Do what you must." Arthur replied, and left Merlin to his work.

The Wizard pondered and searched the Heavens for answers. When a star twinkled in his eye, he knew whom to send for, and he did.

The young female had come from a land far away. Not only that, but she had the makings of a great leader.

"Now for the King of Wolves." Merlin grufled.

He searched for him too. No star twinkled in merlins eye. "Perhaps I shall send the newly found Queen to consult Torik." Merlin said to himself. With a blind eye, the Wizard called for aid. He went to the wolves among the forest and came upon wolves worthy of greatness, some with potential Merlin anticipated, but never showed.

"My Queen." Merlin said, "it is time for you to journey to the deepest parts of the forest. You may discover Torik in your wake. See what future he has for you."
Zamber had doubted his words. She simply wished to stay where she was, but then again, he was her master. She nodded and left for the discovery of a distiny she didn't know.


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The Legend  Empty Re: The Legend

Post by Zamber on Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:56 pm

No King and a Ball

Zamber returned from the forest with news she thought Merlin wouldn't want to hear. It was her duty to report to him, however, and she would do so with her head held high, despite the groing doubts in her mind.
Upon her return, Zamber found a few members in her pack who had come to look for her. Others were new, wolves she hadn't known. While Merlin was indeed present, she gave him the news that she must rule without a King by her side.
"No suitors?" Merlin shook his head with great troubles. What was he to tell Arthur back at the castle. A pack with a low experienced leader was vulnerable. He worried that Arthurs protection was in the tilt of his downfall.
The Wizard was pleased when he had seen so many new woThe Wizard ordered the wolves to escort the Queen back to the castle so that he could address security with them. When the Wizard returned to the Castle, Arthur announced a Ball...Something the Wizard hadn't entirely seen coming.


Believe in yourself to search and conquer
not only the storm around you,
but the storm inside of you too

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The Legend  Empty Re: The Legend

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