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The Roleplay Rules[WIP]

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The Roleplay Rules[WIP] Empty The Roleplay Rules[WIP]

Post by RTKS Staff on Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:40 pm

Roleplay is very open here at RTK, but we want to make sure that with creativity, we don't get too out of hand. Here are some rules for you to follow for a safe and entertaining rp.

1. The Post Minimum
No one likes a post that is too long or too short. Mostly we don't like them too short here. Most of us are advanced or moderate role players so the minimum has been set for 5 sentences. To explain, five sentences is an actual sentence. To make sure there is some effort, dialogue(the speech of your character) does not count towards the minimum. Using actions, thoughts, feelings, and character to character reactions will help you to write more in your post if you are more of a short post type of person. Writing more than the minimum is recommended to keep things interesting.

2. Update "RP Place" updated
In the User Control Panel you will find a profile field labeled "RP Place". This field needs to be updated at all times so fellow members know where to find your character when they want to rp with you. Lack of doing so could mean a lot of confusion as to where your character can be found.

3. Time-skips and Liquid Time
Time-skips come in handy when there is love in the air or simply an event is requiring a time-skip. Time-skips are the amount of time passed that was not role played. This means that one moment a battle is in motion, after the time-skip the battle is over and it has been two years. Such things happen with popular notions such as pregnancies or mating. Liquid time is a form of RP that describes a character being in more than one place at the same time. These are NOT permitted.

4. Translate Foreign Languages
LA Allows fir users to use another language within their characters speech. This does not include writing your entire post in Spanish or German. It means that if you write your character speaking a language accustomed to their history, please provide translations so we know what they said. Using languages accustomed to the RP time period also falls under this rule. How you display it is up to you as long as we can all see what the character clearly said.

5. Power-playing is not Acceptable
Power-play is a sure of pure in-destructiveness as one might say. This means that no matter what the circumstances, a user cannot die, get injured, or they possess some highly powerful gift that makes them invincible. We don't do that here. LA has pros and cons within everything that we do. I would be entirely unfair if your were considered "untouchable". Play fair, play right.
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