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Guest Account Information[NEW] Empty Guest Account Information[NEW]

Post by RTKS Staff on Thu May 26, 2016 6:23 pm

What is a Guest Account?
The Guest account is common among most RP sites. When you are not a member but wish to look around, sites will give the Guest Account to visitors as a way to explore the forums they cannot see unless logged in. Guest accounts come with its own rules and regulations that may differ depending on a sites individual goals and needs. Visitors would find the account useful if they would like to get an insight on what to find if they dicided to join the desired role play. LA provides such an account for our users as well. Feel free to look over the information below and be sure to follow rules an regulations to have a safe visit inside our forums.

How to log in with the guest account
To log in, you'll need the correct username and password to successfully log on to the account. The information is posted below. First time around a forum? No problem! Click the the "Log in" button on the far right side of the navigation bar found at the topmost part of the forums. Left click the "Username Bar, enter the correct Username found on this page and do the same with the "Password" bar. Click "Login" once you're finished. If the error page comes up saying "You have typed an invalid password or username", check to make sure caps lock isn't on. Then check to make sure you typed the Username and password exactly as it is typed here in the guide. If the problem persists, message us in the chatbox on the homepage and the community would be glad to assist you.

Log in information
Username: LA Guest
Password: knight

The Rules and Regulations
1. Multiuser Purpose
This means that more than one user may be logged into the guest aacount at one time. This is fine as long as the additional rules below are followed. You are welcome to wait until the account is not in use.
2. Use different names in chat
To identify how many guests we are speaking to, please use a selective name. If the account is in use by a user already, type a name in the message bar so that we know the user is different even though the account is in use. Images are displayed below to help you understand the meaning of names in the message bar.
3. Do NOT change the guest Account profile information
Leave the guest account profile information alone. The settings are by default for staff purposes. Thank you.
4. Account is for Browsing Only!
Even though the role play may look fun, the guest account is for a visitor to see what they would expect when they join the pack. If you click the "View your posts" link on this account, you will see some topics you are recommended to read if you would like some specifically needed information about our community. Posting is disabled for this account.
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