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The Village Places: Buying and why we have them

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The Village Places: Buying and why we have them Empty The Village Places: Buying and why we have them

Post by RTKS Staff on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:41 pm

Village Shops 
RTK does something considerably unique with the Village forum RP places. Rather than have them be regular RP places, they are shops owned by some of our generous working members here in the community. This guide will explain how the shops will work should you choose to operate one. It is not mandatory to own a shop!

Shops? You said we didn't have to purchase anything...

No need to panic. When you first join, you add what you like to your character. The shops are more of what you need in RP than what you put on your character. More than what your character has is purchased because we want members to feel more a part of the medieval world they role play in. Clothing, accessories, medicines, extra food, and other miscellaneous items are to be purchased from the available stores found in the Village forum. You purchase the items using Jewels. To read more on the currency of RTK, view the "RTK Currency" topic.

Shops up for Rent

As said above, member run the shops, not the staff. Pretty unique ain't it? Shops go up for rent whenever the staff decides to put them up. They stay up until someone rents it and anyone in a certain rank can purchase it.

Rent prices range between 150 to 280 a month in RP. If you are on time with your rent payments, then you item prices may be lower. If the owner falls behind on rent, the item prices may rise. If item prices reach a certain limit depending on what they are before the owner is evicted for lack of management. The owner will have a chance to buy back the shop when they have the money to do so, but if need is great, another user could take their place. No harm, no foul. Good activity is key to a shops succession. Money of the customer goes to the owner. When the owner reaches 1000 Jewels, half of it goes to charity so that no one is a Jewel Overlord or something. 

Role play in the Shops!

T'is true. RTK has you role play in the shops! Though they are shops, they are the same thing as regular RP topics, but with a bit more extras added to it. RP is just as casual as it is in Ancient Forest, The Castle and Rogue Island. While you RP, you purchase things through the RP. Below, you will see an RP post with normal RP and a purchase of an item. You won't have to purchase anything all the time, of course.

@Cerulean wrote:Cerulean managed not to snort at the owner of the shop as she looked around, aware of the fact that the owner seemed to be in a foul mood today. Surely, she could purchase a decent set of Paw Boots for her feet. She had a long quest ahead of her and she didn't need blisters to slow her down. Rocky terrain didn't settle with her delicate feet. The shopkeeper had told her she there were discount on the boots, but did they have her color this time? She liked blue. In the back of the store, she smiled when she saw them and clasped a small pair between her teeth and brought it to the wolf proof counter, avoiding being stepped on by a human peasant. "I'll buy these," she told the wolf before her. The male nodded and Cerulean twisted her head around to dig her nose inside her pouch strapped over her back as the clerk told her the price. With a small pouch between her teeth, she set it on the counter before the wolf. At the taller counter, about two times the size she stood at, the human clerk took the pouch and counted the money. He nodded to her and Cerulean took the boots between her teeth and headed for the exit. SHe paused when a familiar voice called her name...

Human clerks are included in each shop. We do live among humans so it is suitable to have humans included in the shops. Of course, no real user rps them. We use minimal third person for their actions, as shown above. The owner may choose whether it is female or male. Clothes descriptions will automatically be included when you post your shop information. At the end of you transaction post, or once your character has left the counter in a post, please put the following information at the bottom of your post:

User wrote:Purchased: Paw Boots
Price: 20 Jewels

Make sure the info is a different color than your original post color so Staff and Moderators can see it. If this information is not included, the purchase is invalid and ignored.

Renting a Shop

When you purchase a shop, you speak to staff about it. If your activity is good and you have enough jewels to pay at least two months of rent, then you are free to purchase the Shop. Only the owner of a certain skill can rent a specific shop. If you are a healer, you are capable of renting a medicine shop. If are a Knight, you may run a weaponry or black smith shop. If you are a Sentry, you are able to rent a armor shop. If you are a Huntsman, you are able to rent a food shop. And so on...

Once you are clear to run the shop, you must fill out a form that contains all of your shops information. The information will be put into a template and you as the shop owner will post the topic yourself. Staff entrusts you with the responsibly. Any reason to misuse the privilege will result in immediate closure of the topic and a new owner chosen if applicable.

Your responsibility as the owner is to ensure your topic is up to date with the latest items and keep fair prices. You may have any sort of items in your shop as long as it keeps in range of the topic your shop is about. If you need help with your topic, ask a staff member for assistance. View the "Shop Tips + Hints" topic to keep a successful rate in your shop and learn some things to help manage it better. Organization of the topic will be done for you. All you have to do it keep it up to date.

Only one shop per rank is opened! More than one would be too much clutter. Sorry if you hoped to get a chance at being a leader in shopping. 

Passing it on

When a user no longer wishes to run the shop, they have an opportunity to suggest a member to take the shop over for them. The suggestion is sent to staff via PM and staff look over the status of that member to make sure they meet the same requirements you did. If they do, a topic is simply made with your current information and the old topic locked and moved to locked topics. You will not be able to buy the shop back unless the new shop owner agrees to release it to you.

All forms of Passing on and renting a shop should be posted in the "Shop Rents + Passes" Forum.

Submitting a Pass or Rent topic/Forms

When you create your topic it MUST say one of the following lines below:

User wrote:Shop Name - Pass - New Owners name
Shop Name - Rent - Current rank - Rent Price

In the body of the topic you will post the form which you found in the "Shop Forms" topic earlier. Nothing more, nothing less, that's it.

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