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Creating your Vows

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Creating your Vows

Post by RTKS Staff on Fri May 01, 2015 3:56 pm

Learning how to Submit a vow!

RTK has a very unique way for our members to join the pack. Instead of using the traditional forms with fiels going in a horizontal line, we use a method called the "Vow" Method. Think of it as a Contract you sign for a new house but without the binding of that contract. That is how the joining process works here at RTK. The steps below will tell you exactly how simple it is to join us. We look forward to your application!

Step 1: Read this guide before you do anything! (Obvious, but some forget XD)

Step 2: Create your application topic here in this forum. The title of your topic should include your characters name and whether you join as a member, friend, or Staff if any apply. Ex: Caluna - Member

Step 3: Once your topic is set up right, you can copy and paste the form found at the bottom of this page into your topic and edit the fields with valid information. Only the fields that are underlined may be edited! Fonts, colors, extra information, etc may not be altered or added for Staff purposes. If you have a problem with your form, look in the "Help, I'm Stuck!" or "Frequently Asked Questions" before you create your topic.

[center][size=24][color=#9966ff]Who are you?[/color][/size][/center]
[center][b][color=#9999ff][u]WQ USERNAME[/u][/color][/b] has chosen to join the pack. [b][u][color=#ff9900] [color=#9999ff]YOUR WOLFS NAME[/color][/color][/u][/b] has agreed to follow all the rules, conditions and requirements of the pack as a [b][color=#9999ff][u]MEMBER OR FRIEND[/u][/color][/b].[/center]

[center][size=24][color=#9966ff]Your Vow[/color][/size][/center]
[center]I, [b][color=#9999ff][u]WOLFS NAME[/u][/color][/b], hereby submit a joining form to join the House of [b][color=#9999ff][u]HOUSE NAME[/u][/color][/b] as a [b][color=#9999ff][u]DESIRED RANK[/u][/color][/b]. I pledge myself to [color=#ff6600][b][color=#9999ff][u]LEADER(S) OF YOUR HOUSE[/u][/color][/b] [/color]with the desire to fulfill my vows as a member of Round Table Knights.[/center]

[center][color=#9999ff][font=Comic Sans MS][u][b]CALUNA[/b]
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