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Choosing your House

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Choosing your House Empty Choosing your House

Post by RTKS Staff on Fri May 01, 2015 3:55 pm

Chose Your Destined House

RTK has three different Houses you may choose from. The House of Arthur, The House of Merlin and The House of Mordred. Of, course, you may need some information on each House before you pick one. This Guide will explain each house and hopefully you will join one! View theĀ "House Statistics" forum to see what fellow members are in each house.

The House of Merlin

Human Leader: Merlin the "Wizard"
General Responsibility: Members of the House of MerlinĀ  are responsible for protecting all sources of Knowledge.

Your Duties as a Member

Be Knowledgeable
All members of Merlins House are expected to be knowledgeable about things roleplay. Make sure you don't confuse your duties with things outside role play. Knowing things such as the prophecy of Arthur, Herbs, Battle Strategies, the land you live in and who your battling against are the most important things to know when a part of Merlins House.

You are considered a value to the kingdom and as a part of your duties, you send messages to and from Merlin himself to places far and wide. These places may include venturing outside the Kingdom into hostile territory, or, it may simply be at a Warlords keep inside safe grounds. The messages you send must be taken on with care for some could be about the enemies next move or a meet between the Royal Court and the Royals themselves. It could even be a letter to King Arthur himself!

Keep things up to date!
With Knowledge comes the responsibility of keeping things updated regularly so nothing is outdated and we have false information. Basically what this means is whenever the Royals decide on a new role for something or give a date on when a Hunt or Patrol happens, members of Merlin should go about telling the rest of the pack about that date and what is happening. It's as simple as that!

House of Arthur

Human Leader: King Arthur
General Responsibiity: Defend all the people and animals of Camelot from Mordred and Cronos.

Duties of the Members

Patrol the Kingdom
Every now and then, King Arthur will announce a patrol for the Knights and Sentries of Camelot to undergo. The wolves of Arthurs House are to accompany them and ensure their saftey along with the villagers.

Defend the Kingdom
When the enemy comes thundering down from Rogue Island, it is Arthurs House who starts the battle cry. All other houses would follow their lead and learn from the lot of them since they are so closely associated to king Arthur Himself.

The House of Mordred

Human Leader: Mordred
General Responsibility: All members of Mordreds House are "Undercover" with a secret name which is "Morgan". So in RP you will address yourself to other house member not associated to Mordreds House as "Morgan" NOT as Mordred. All members in a part of your house will address you as a part of Mordreds house. Be careful not to blow cover!

Duties of Mordreds' House

Keep a low profile
As a member of "morgans" house you are considered a servant to the kingdom. You eat with us, sleep with us, laugh and talk with us; but you are still an enemy to the crown. Mordred and Cronos will send for their members little by little to make plans to dethrone King Arthur. Everyone in "Morgans" House MUST stay undercover or they could face death charges against the King!

Report every now and again
As mentioned above, Mordred or Cronos will send for his followers a few or one at a time. They will give you orders and you are expected to obey them. Your performance will determine the relationship you have with your peers and leaders. They can appear at random! Be alert and cautious with a touch of cunning.

Play your Part well!
Your an actor as far as Cronos and Mordred are concerned. Your job in the kingdom is to play your role fairly and discretely. Failure to commit to your duties or complete your mssions may cost you respect form your leaders or removal from Modreds' House by order of Mordred Himself.
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