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Using the Guest Account

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Using the Guest Account

Post by RTKS Staff on Fri May 01, 2015 4:51 pm

Guest Account Information
Username: RTKGuest
Password: knight

The guest account is a privilege given to guests of the forum to use as a means to browse forums you cannot see if you're not logged in. To use it, you MUST follow the rules listed below. If you have a question or need help using it, please create a topic about the issue in our "Help, I'm Stuck!" forum. Read the "Rules of the Help Forum" topic before posting.

The Rules

  1.  Do not change the password or username of the guest account.

  2. If you chat in the chatbox with members and staff, please use a color NOT being used by another guest. If you see the guest account in use, you are able to log in but use a different color from the one currently being used so we know the users are different. Additionally, put your wolfs name, whom you may join with, in front of your text when chatting.

  3. Only guests may use this account!

**Rules may change at anytime! Be sure to read this thread often if you return.**

RTKS Staff
RTKS Staff

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