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Character Actions in RP

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Character Actions in RP Empty Character Actions in RP

Post by RTKS Staff on Fri May 01, 2015 4:21 pm

Character Actions in RP

The two lists below are the things our characters can or can't do in RP. Both lists may be modified at any time!

What they CAN do:

  1. Talk to humans or other characters like a normal human being.

If you talk to a human, it is not in a different language like whining and barking. It is straight human talk like you and I could do if we spoke. Your character is allowed to speak different laguages such as French, German, Spanish, etc, however, the translation should be somewhere in your posts.

  1. Wear Clothing such as cloaks, hats, ties, necklaces, etc.

Yes your character can dress up! This goes as far as, boots, leg pads, cloaks, armor, jewelry, etc. Your creativity is your own!

  1. Sit on chairs, sleep in beds, eat off plates, etc.

In terms of using furniture with the humans, there are certain ways we do certain things. Sitting in a chair is like a dog sitting on its haunches, only on something elevated. Eating off a plate, well that is like a dog eating out of its' bowl. Sleeping in a bed...We all know how that is.

  1. Wield weapons via the mouth

Yes you can wield a weapon of your choice. How your character wields it is up to just be sure to use details so we all know what to picture. Lengths will not be minimized as I'm sure everyone wants to be as creative as they wish with this as well. There is, however, a weapon limit in terms of what type of weapon you may yield. Please look at our "Weapons and Armor" guide if you wish.

  1. Execute fighting techniques

Everyone may use their own style of fighting techniques. Just remember that we do not power play!

  1. Slightly more powerful jump(No higher than 6 feet)

This one is self explanatory. 

What we CAN'T do:

  1. Have wings

This rule was put here because for a lot of sites, it turns into a large power playing issue, so for now no one can have wings included with their character, not ever for decorations. Staff will analyze how everyone deals with the current rules before we input anything more freedom based.

  1. Use magic

We have a "Wizard" NPC, but that doesn't mean we actually have magic in RTK. Like the wings rule, we will see how everyone does with the other stuff before we start to consider this one.

  1. Cannot do certain human physical capabilities(Hammer something, walk on two legs, etc)

We are highly intelligent, but our anatomy hasn't been altered. We are still wolves on four legs. If we do anything worth human related, it with our teeth. This excludes lifting heavy objects for an example. Sooner or later, a list will be created to show what action for this type of rule we mean so that no one is ever truly confused.
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