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Characters with Familiars

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Characters with Familiars Empty Characters with Familiars

Post by RTKS Staff on Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:24 pm

Posting in Rp via familiar text MUST be a different color than character text!

What are they?
Familiars are what users may call "ghosts". They are abberations capable of assisting a character in need. Familiars originate from the Underworld, also known as The Otherside. Think of this place as Heaven if you will, or Hell. Familiars can be seen by users not their masters! All familiars pocess the ability to be outside their natural habitat. Go crazy!

Special Abilities
Each Familiar is allowed to hold a maximum of one ability unique to them. Familiars are allowed to assist members as far as peacekeeping, teachers and guides. Each ability may be used on the familiars master and/or against other characters if aplicable. As the familiar uses their abilities, their strength may deplete until they disappear, back to the Underworld for a max of 30 minutes real time. This will be equivalant to 10 rp posts for measures. 

Available Abilities

Clairvoyant: The familiar can see things as they really are, truth from lie. 

Arcane Projection: The familiar can project a copy of itself or a wolf to another area, where they can explore and uncover secrets, however they are unable to physically interact with the environment, but can be seen by others.

Light Shifting: The familiar can offset light waves in unnatural directions. With this effect, the familiar appears to be 2 to 4 meters from where they actually are. This ability can be temporarily cast on one wolf. 

Magic Resistance: Familiar is immune to all magical abilities, can can transfer this to one wolf only. 

Unnoteworthy: This ability makes the familiar inconspicuous, anyone that they interact with will be hard pressed to remember anything about the familiar at all such as what the talked about, what they looked like. This ability tends to result in them being described as "average height, average build, wearing ... something beige, I think" This ability can be disabled by the familiar, if they wish to make themselves known. 

Living Anatomy:  The familiar has a natural knowledge of the body nearly exceeding that of an anatomist. They can perceive a target's heart rate by simply watching the blood vessels of the skin. They can also diagnose some conditions using only hearing and touch.

Mental Superiority: The familiar is a mental giant, who has a higher than normal intellect, willpower, and awareness.

Getting a Familiar
Familiars cost nothing. Simply inform a Staff member via PM, WQ thread, or chat that you would like to have a familiar. State the following:

What animal it is.
What ability will it have?
Name and Gander.
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