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Ranks of RTK Empty Ranks of RTK

Post by RTKS Staff on Fri May 01, 2015 4:20 pm

Choosing your Rank in RTK

The ranks of RTK are displayed as not only groups, but sub-ranks too. Your group is what your rank resides in. The sub-ranks are the positions within that particular group you can choose from. Below, you will see all the groups of the forum and their sub-ranks with descriptions that explain a bit about them so you can choose wisely and enjoy it while you're a part of it.

The Overlords

These users are RTKs' Administrators, Moderators, coders, and founders.

The founders of the forum are responsible for the creation of the pack in general. This includes, the plots, how things are run, and the very existence of the pack.

Co-Founders assisted the founders with ideas and putting the packs ideals together in a flowing map of awesomeness.

Administrators have complete control of the forums including account activations, css sheets, theme settings, templates, and all the rest of the forum functions you can possibly think of. The Admins are the last people users should come to for help. The only exception to this rule is if it is something drastic like an account was hacked or serious rules have been broken. Otherwise, please use up all your "Resources" before contacting them.

Moderators are the assistance users around the forums. They keep the forums clean and help to enforce rules. They do not have access to the administrator panel, but th do have access to the Moderation panel. Mods have the options of deleting, moving, editing, locking users posts if they press against the rules. They will give up to three warnings before physically doing something to your post, so no worries on sudden poofs of your posts or topics. Additional duties can be found in the "Moderation Guide".

Coders are responsible for all the lovely coding found throughout the forums. They are skilled in CSS, Template editing, Javascript, and much more. They handle coding as well as imaging and technology related stuff. It's thanks to these guys that our forum appears so beautifully, and attractively.

The Royals

The Royals are the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of the pack. Each may have up to two servants if they so choose.

The King is a member of the House of Arthur. He is solely responsible for managing his knights and closely friends with King Arthur himself. He oversees the arrangements of Duels, Hunts, and Quests. The King protects king Arthur as his top priority to his Queen. All ranks, even the other royals, are subjected to his rule.

The Queen is a member of the House of Merlin. She is responsible for protecting all the legendary scrolls from the evil King Mordred, new virtues being approved, and codes of Honor. She is closely affiliated with Merlin. The Queen, though gentle, is responsible for protecting Merlin to ensure Arthurs place on the throne.

The Prince and Princess follow in their parents footsteps. They learn things from their parents and train to become great leaders like their ancestors before them.

The Royal Court

This group consists of all the Lords and Ladies of the kingdom.

Lords of the Royal Court are responsible for overseeing that the Kings orders are carried out. If the King demands a Hunt is organized, the Lords of the Court will see that the correct preparations are done. If the duty involves help from the Queen, Lords may only interact with the Ladies of the Court who would inform the Queen of her part in the plan.

Ladies of the Court are plainly responsible for seeing that all orders given by the queen are carried out. If the Queen orders a command that Scrolls be dusted or rewritten, the Ladies of the Court will ensure it is done. If an order involves the King, they may only interact with the Lords of the Court only.

The Warlords

This group will consist of the Warlords placed at different points throughout the kingdom.

Warlords are the first line of defense in Camelot. Each post is stationed at a part of the Island that is considered valuable and in need of defending. Some ports of the Island will be for Merchants and Suppliers from outside the Kingdom.

Mentors and Masters

Mentors and Masters are those who teach the Squires how to earn heir place in the Ranks.

A Mentor is only Skilled in one Rank. He or she knows all the techniques, advantages and disadvantages of their rank and whether your character is perfectly suited for their desired rank.

Master are skilled in all the ranks. He or she knows knowledge from all the ranks and excels in each without fault or interference in their tasks. Masters are allowed to teach Mentors to become Masters. Additionally, Masters may teach Mentors and Squires at the same time.

The Villagers

These members are found in more than one specific part of the kingdom. Each has their own duty, but found in many places throughout the kingdom regardless of what rank they are. They are known as your Knights, Huntsman, Sentries, and Servants.

Knights are the protectors of the kingdom, specifically the Castle. Knights of Camelot are part of Arthurs sitting at the Round Table. They are skilled in battle strategies and patrol the kingdom on a daily basis.

Huntsman are the hunters of RTK. Every now and then the Castle stores and towns people need to be fed. The Huntsman would go on a party and search for food to bring back with them.

Sentries are the guards posted throughout the kingdom of Camelot. They warn everyone of unwanted visitors and send out patrols occassionally to watch the borders of the kingdom. 

Servants do the dirty work around the kingdom. They could be cleaning stables, washing dishes, making beds, etc. Only the Royals, Warlords and Courtiers have personal Servants. The rest are commanded by any other members of the city of Camelot.

The Nursery

This group houses the Pups, Mothers and Foster Mothers of the Kingdom.

Pups may be Royal heirs, adopts, or peasant born. Royal Heirs ma some day come to be a King, Queen, Prince or Princess. Adopted pups may be taken in off City Streets or given to another couple or mother if the birth parent(s) don't want him. If a pup is Peasant born, he may inherit his parents roles or train for a rank of his or her own.

Mothers are the bringers of offspring who are entitled to the Nursery when they are expecting pups a month prior to their gestation period.

Foster Mothers care for the young Mothers may not want or care for the pups when the mother is on special leave.

The Squires

Squires are the wolves in training for their ranks. Their progress is determined by the amount of Virtues they earn in certain skills needed to obtain that rank. Members are also placed here after their biographies have been posted.

The Pedestrians

Pedestrians are the friends and Newcomers of the pack.

Newcomers are members wishing to become a part of the pack in the future and waiting their biographies to be accepted.

Friends of the pack are people who might wish to join us in the future or just want to be around the site every once in a while. Registration on the site is NOT mandatory.
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