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Skill Building!: Hunts, Quests and Duels

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Skill Building!: Hunts, Quests and Duels

Post by RTKS Staff on Fri May 01, 2015 4:18 pm

Skill Building
We can't have an interesting role play without a bit of action, now can we. RTK uses the exciting groups of Quests, Hunts, and Duels to entertain you when you're bored and we don't have an Adventure going on. Read about them and see how exciting it can really get here at Camelot!


Quests are tasks characters take on once they've earned their rank. Up to a party of four, members can conquer tasks given to them by the King or Queen. These tasks can be small or big, depending on the size of your party and their total skill level. Virtue points may be earned during the Quests in various amounts depending on character actions in RP. Below are some examples of quests suited to the number of members in your party.

One Member - Discover your fortune from Torik!
Two Members - Meet Torik in the Forest, he has a Scroll for the Queen!
Three Members - Journey to the Forest and rescue a pup from rogue invaders
Four Members - Send a message to the wolves under cover at Mordreds Castle to make their next move.

All Quests selections may be found in the "Quest Log"Find out more information about Quests selections there. You will have the opportunity to re-do a quest if you fail it. Simply view the "Re-Quest" topic for more information; suggest a quest of your own if you'd like!


Duels are battles between two or more people. These battles can be territorial, defending honor, life or death, or just for fun! Each Duel is scheduled for a certain time so that both candidates-rivals-may attend without seeming like they ran off. Times are given via RP time, NOT real time. 

When you wish to execute a duel, both characters must announce it before the Royal(s) so that everyone knows what is going on. For dates, view the "Skill Building Schedule" topic. Dates are decided among the rivals and may be changed if necessary. If neither characters show up for their duel on the day of the event, the next pair are automatically next in line and the last pair will need to reschedule. Duels may be canceled if one or both rivals aren't able to execute their battle. 

Duels are not redone because it is a skill builder closely related to a character having learned a certain lesson. You are however allowed to challenge the same person a month after the first one took place. You must have a different reason for challenging your opponent than you did the last time.


We need to keep food in the castle stores, but competition aside from necessity is fun too. Hunts are groups of up to six wolves-not including the hunts proposed in Quests- that may include small, medium, or large game. Both hunts for Quests and Casual Hunts for food will be posted in the Hunt forum

When a group wants to perform a hunt, they simply need to announce to the Royal(s) that a hunt should take place and then organize themselves promptly. Hunts are scheduled for every Seventh RP day. If a user or users cannot perform the hunt for a legit reason, a different user is capable of going in their place. If there are less than four wolves on the hunt, the event is canceled and the pack goes hungry until there is a sufficient number of wolves to go hunting. The hungry days are known as The Hunger Days. Each day the pack goes hungry, everyone loses five points of their health. Hunt Schedules are found via the Announcements forums in the Skill Building Schedule topic.

All Hunts, Duels and Quests

As a whole, every skill building exercise has its similarities. When you enact a Skill Builder, use the Dices. The Dice will determine whether you achieve or fail something. You can find the Dice in the normal reply to a message in the Options tab at the bottom of your post. You won't be able to use the dices in Quick Reply! Hunts use the same form as Quests do!

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